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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Taking a break

feel tired. It feels like I've been tired forever but I know it started a little before Christmas. (Well, it really started right before we left for Florida last year but that is another form of "weariness")
Part of it is my back. I need to do a "gofund me" page for an air ride seat.
I would probably go to the Dr. but I hear a lot of other people around me complaining of similar symptoms.
Probably the gubment spraying us again. I haven't see the sky trails but... Or radiation from Japan... Or my invisible duck is poisoning me...
Yesterday I sat down on the drill wallboard and stretched out my back. Must have sat there too long as the farmer I was working for came to check on me. I told him I was lazy. 
I charge by the acre not the hour.
Have a nice day... Or is it, get off my lawn...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I hear you knocking... I think...

Two rebuilt army truck engines that need to be converted to Ag engines, timing gear swap, manifolds, turbo, waterprump, injector pump, but I didn't get it done.
Maybe it is the front weights rattling...

Monday, March 2, 2015

So, the chickens didn't QUIT laying

Just opted for a penthouse suite in the haystack skyscraper apartment complex.

Movin' on up!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

People who deserve a second look

My wife met an interesting fellow at a home and garden show. His name is Leo D. Mock and he has a book on compost. It is self published. He is having a hard time getting respect in the organic community.
The name of the book is "Compost by any other name, makes good dirt." I'd like to buy it but I have yet to purchase "Holy Shit," by Gene Logsden. Plus, I rarely get a book completely read anyway so I probably won't actually read it in full.
Perhaps one of my dear readers would check it out and give the guy a plug. He is quite sincere and a fellow who is passionate about soil.

In other news, my chicken raising friend, the Harlan Sanders of Red Prairie Road, has a gofundme page to save his farm. I tried to donate $5 but Safari on the iPhone went into an endless loop and I gave it up. I encourage you all to visit the page and donate a fiver. I believe strongly in trickle down economics, thank you very much...

Friday, February 27, 2015

Turning a molehill into a mountain

My lovely and gracious wife asked for a bale of straw to spread between her raised beds.

An hour later...
After tools were found, hoses were unplugged, forklifts were jump started, knuckles were scraped, the straw blower was in operation.

It would have taken five minutes with a pitchfork...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Interesting people who read one's blog

I find the blogger statistic page interesting. I've noticed that my readership from random searches has dropped since I have been banned from GoogleAdsense forever.
Probably just a coincidence...
What I wonder about are the visits from non-English speaking countries. Are they spambots or just there for the pictures?
This morning I got a comment on a post about forklifts and snakes from someone in India (I think). It is either a really good robot that was able to incorporate all the main points of my post or a real person who has an old points ignition vehicle and is a bit nonplused by modern automotive technology.

"Properly right now When i tend not to feel too poor generating a "new for you to me" ninety seven Blazer. I reckon that nearly all of our devices (and it's possible myself) are getting to be dinosaurs although many of us simply continue going. And also you usually are proper, it really is receiving difficult to find anyone who is aware of how to focus on carburetors in addition to ignition points.. in addition to draglines."

I looked up the GooglePlus site associated with the person and it seems to be discussions of medical stuff. Not sure if it is advice or spam.
Kind of interesting.
What do you-all think?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I thought the field would never end

It wan't that big a field. It just seemed big.
I finished in the dark.
People keep calling me to plant for them. They remind me that I promised to put them on the "list."
I am not complaining about the work but you have to understand there are certain logistics involved with driving 18.5 mph and 15 ft wide down the highway, and ground drying at different rates and the need to keep the drill going...
My wife fixed me a nice lunch yesterday. A wrap with steak in it. Interesting concept, I would never had ordered at the local deli but it was pretty good in my lunch!

Today I plant peas.
Tomorrow I want to plant our own peas. Tomorrow it is going to rain...