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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I sort of forgot about Christmas

It is rapidly approaching.
There is of course no Christmas program in the Public Schools. You sure wouldn't want the kiddies to learn to appreciate 2,000 years of a tradition that has pretty much evolved into being nice to other people, singing Silent Night in German, and the High School band playing Jingle Bell Rock.
If you don't believe in it then why does it matter?
I have to listen to you blather on about the Big Bang so why can't you listen to the middle school choir butcher "Away in a Manger" once a year.
But I digress....
Perhaps I'm just grumpy.
Here is Christmas at the Farm.
An LED Christmas Tree in the office.

AND the Goats have uncovered Alfred's house.
Apparently Alfred was a bachelor uncle who lived some twenty miles away from the farm.
Legend has it that when Alfred got to old to take care of himself, Grandpa and Uncle Milton simply took a truck to his house. Winched the house on the truck and brought Alfred and his house to the farm to live.
His house is not in the best of shape. The goats seem to enjoy it however.

The President of the USA mistaken for a Valet?

I just read this story in the London Daily mail about the every day racism experienced by the Obamas.
I feel their pain, just the other day I told someone I was a farmer and they asked me how many acres of grapes and filberts Hazelnuts I had. You people just assume....
You folks know that the President is just like you all. Living in Chicago and trying to catch a cab. Getting mistaken for a waiter and probably harassed by the Po-lice.
Yah, and the first lady got mistaken for a clerk in the local Target, which is pretty racist when you consider the included photo which shows a tall white guy trying to look casual (Secret Service?) and a brownskinned person checking their phone. 
So, did a near sighted elderly person not notice the fifteen thirty security guards and think they could get this tall person to reach something on a tall shelf? 
Did she wear a red apron to Target? Cause that would explain everything...
Otherwise, I'm sorry, but it is impossible to believe.
Why would anyone assume anyone else would be Target or Wallmart employee based on RACE and not based on their store UNIFORM. 
Perhaps someone really did need help getting something off a shelf and asked the nice tall lady for help and she interpreted as racism which is a subject all on its own.
As for the President being mistaken for a waiter, that was in a movie. That didn't happen in real life in the 21st century. He was not the only black man in the room in a TUX.
Well, I guess it could... Democrats are pretty condescending. The top leadership is pretty white. 
We have a neighbor that is quite proud of being a Democrat. He always has a brown person that he is "helping." 
Sometimes I ask them how they feel about being the "token" brown person in my neighbor's life. They usually laugh about it and make jokes about not actually being let in the house. 
The one guy who really noticed and was slightly annoyed pointed out that his ancestors came from New Mexico, he didn't speak Spanish, he had more eduction that his "Patron" and he actually was helping the older buy and didn't really appreciate it all that much.
Then I asked him if the Democrat had ever tried to get him in the hot tub and that was pretty funny. It was quite an enjoyable conversation.
But I digress....
The President, Oppression, and now Dance parties.
I find the Dance Party comments also pretty funny. Well of course he listens to Sly and the Family Stone and Al Green and of course they have dance parties in the White House. 
Although I wonder if they made a mistake with their "Code Words." I doubt it. I'm sure this was a carefully crafted interview. Choosing to say dance party and dropping Sly and Al as names must be designed to appeal to a certain black demographic. I suppose rap and basketball would be over the edge.
Pretty funny article anyway. 
Not that they need it. The party faithful will be happy with what ever bone is thrown them...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A room with a view is better when you are looking at St. Petersburg Beach

Last year at this time I was looking out the window at the Howard Johnson at St. Petersburg beach. There were dolphins and white sand and it was not cold and damp.

Today I think I will sort a few more piles of scrap metal and perhaps weld a toolbox to the side of a truck.
I think I'll also have five more cups of coffee.

Monday, December 15, 2014

A daily strumpet from the archives

I posted with the iPhone. I think I may have to enlarge this photo a bit.

More blather about advertising

So, my gentle readers....
I am skeptical about this advertising program.
It is my opinion that my readers are mostly grumpy farmers who still have their first dime and never click on advertisements.
However, I envision vast sums of money with little effort and so I continue.
Please feel free to click on those adverts even if you don't want to buy anything. Just set your web browser to delete cookies when you shut down.
I actually get more money if you leave those cookies on your browser for three days but I think that is pushing the good will of my readers.
I've found some interesting advertisements on the fellow who doesn't have a job's website. While I didn't buy anything, I read about solar power and beekeeping.
I've added another link to Amazon. This link should be contextual and might actually be useful. I have Amazon prime and use that to download and play music. I avoid iTunes as much as possible, being a loyal and longtime Apple user. (Since the Mac 512)
Have a nice day...

UPDATE: Ten minutes later... I see Hogan's Heroes is listed as a suggested purchase on Amazon. I highly recommend this boxed set. So perhaps this is more of a public service than a money making scam!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Big money!

Since signing up with adsense earlier this week I've made .16 cents. Movin' on up...

My new theme song

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A lazy farmer in winter

You may have noticed that the title of this blog is The Lazy Farmer. I look forward to Ralph posting copies from his archives. I also found this discussion of The Song of the Lazy Farmer.
The Lazy Farmer tended to sit in his Rocking Chair and keep the fire warm while his long suffering wife did all the work.
I have always found this to be an admirable goal, but the cultural fear of the Irish Potatoe famine has kept me from attaining my ambitions. Still, it is good to have goals.
It has taken me an entire week to get the lights fixed old Ford L8000.
I got off to a fine start. It was not the alternator that was bad, it was the regulator. This was a matter of simple trouble shooting skills and advice from my brother who knows everything and actually works.
Let my give you a step by step so you can appreciate my brilliance.
Keep in mind that I keep forgetting how to do everything so even though I've done this before, it is all new, all over again.
First I put my test light on the large post with the red plastic insulator. There was power.
This just proved that there was not a break in the wire to the battery. Then I tried to remember if this was a single wire Delco or if it had an external regulator. So I looked for disconnected wires or terminals which I didn't know what they did.
I found an outlet for an electric tach.
Then i found another red wire on the back of the alternator.
There was no power to this wire.
So I traced the wired back though the harness and found a little silver box cleverly hidden behind the air cleaner. A regulator!
A quick consult with the iPhone told me I could short two wires together but I decided to ask my brother who remembers everything. After rummaging around in the back room he came back with a bunch of funny connectors on a chain and said I should disconnect the regulator and connect the connector on the chain that fit and check the gauge in the truck.
Suddenly I had 14 volts.
We looked though our vast supplies of out-of-date parts and could not find a regulator. However, we do have a vast reserve of non-running trucks and I was able to find an almost new regulator and a large capacity truck battery that I had forgotten about.
Now if the story ended here it would be a story of successful troubleshooting and efficient repair.
But, It does not...
I then decided to figure out why the lights kept quitting when I was driving down the road.
More clever trouble shooting skills that a mere employee would not have.
I turned the lights on and wiggle the hood violently.
The lights quit.
In the dim light of a rainy winter afternoon I discovered the hood grounded through the hood hinges. (sparks)
But then it started pouring down rain and I retreated to the store.
Next day....
I expanded my repairs to clearance lights, door handles, and window regulators.
This involved robbing a spare truck cab down below the hill. Access was by four-wheeler.
It started pouring...

Then I needed to watch the store.
Then people wanted to talk.
Then I helped my wife.
Then I was worried the river would flood and I needed to move my mower that formerly resided at MuddyValley for three years and now resided in a flood plain...
No small tractors would start.
SO I used the 2-155 FWA White with $6,500 worth of new tires that farmers keep giving me a hard time about. (Just sharing the pain)
It turned over hard at first and then suddenly roared to life.
There was a blood curdling yowl and the annoying cat that my wife and daughter rescued from the cat pound came hurdling out from under the hood.
It came out to the space between the a/c pump and the valve covers. It came out like a rocket with all four legs extended in a flying x. It hit the ground at a high rate of speed and has not been seen since. (Four days ago)
The tractor would not fit on the mower so I sort of pulled it with a chain.
I then installed the wrong window regulator, the one I had just taken out...
And it was raining.

And so it goes... It is Saturday morning, I 'm setting in my easy chair and my brother is at work. I just remembered that there is a taillight out on that truck....
I did wash it last night in the dark. Perhaps that will solve all my problems...
One more cup of coffee would be good.
I'm home alone, just me and the Christmas tree and the dog and a bottle of Four Roses a cup of hot coffee and a whole collection of Tom T. Hall albums Christmas albums. I think I'll have another special cup of coffee wrap some presents!
Merry Christmas Everyone!